Tuesday, March 16, 2010

President Ronald Reagan



October 7, IS86

Dr. Charles W. Swan
16127 flncroft Court
Tampa, FL 338*7

Dear Dr. Swan:
During my first year as President, you may recall I quoted the 200-year-old words of patriot Tom Paine., who wrote "we have it within our power to begin the world over again.12

Today, as 1 look back ok. tha accomplishments achieved in just seven, and one-half years, I know that it was your unflagging support for me, for our ideas and for our Party that led the way as we, indeed, worked to "begin the world over again."
Ifancy and I will always treasure how you
stood by us, in times of triumph arid tragedy,

Your support and commitment emboldened us to launch America en a new course^, a course that, 'has brc'aght families together, strengthened our prosperity, protected our freadcrs and restored sn honor around the globe.
Scon, my time as President will come to an end. But our great cause must not flag or fail.

We owe it to ourselves, and to our children to continue the great crussds we have begun. That is why I am asking you to ensure a great victory for our cause by giving your additional support, once again, to the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund.

I know you have been asked to help the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund several times in this critical election year. Your contributions have had a proven impact and have helped to turn our campaign around.

But now, as the final critical hours of this election approach, I must ask for your help again to ensure we win a victory for George Bush as well as for each of our Republicans running for Congress and state office.

This victory or defeat for George Bush and the GOP could hinge on the last-minute decisions of just a few thousand of all the voters in this election.
Our Party urgently needs your support for the last-minute mailings, TV commercials, radio ads and get-out-the-vote drives aimed at reaching this voter group.

The Democrat ticket has tried mightily to keep its liberal views and record under cover. Yet the majority of Americans clearly disapprove of their record of relentless tax increases, inexperience in foreign policy, and softness in dealing with convicted criminals.

What concerns me is that there are dozens of liberal Democrats in Congress who support this thinking 100&. It is our task, in the final days of this campaign, to retire these liberal Democrats from the House and Senate.
Specifically, an additional $1.4 million is needed by the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund to help George Bush and our Republican candidates in scores of targeted districts and states.

I urge you to send the largest possible contribution to the RNC's 1988 Presidential Fund to help us seize our opportunity.
George Bush will be a great President for the United States of America. But he is depending on you and me for the help that will put him over the top.
I will be working diligently between now and November 8 to ensure that George Bush - a friend, compatriot and great Vice President - will serve as our 41st Chief Executive.

May I ask you to help me in this quest, just as you have helped me so many times before? With time so short, the need is urgent. The additional funds must be raised in two weeks' time in order to have the impact we seek. Your support now is absolutely critical.

You and I have shared many triumphs together over the years. But this campaign can be our greatest triumph of all.

Let us continue the work we started in 1981. I ask you, as a friend, to help again in this critical hour.
God bless you.

. ,- J Coo-'OvO ^
Ronald Reagan Q

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